The Pipeline

This area contains drafts and outlines of articles in progress, plus a backlog of ideas.



Detailed Outlines



  • Request specs are good (compare with
  • how to know what kind of test to write
  • Three approaches to immutability: deep freeze, shallow freeze, no setters
  • “service object” is a really hazy term (that I don’t use any more)
  • discovery testing for people who have trouble with classical TDD
  • code examples translated into functional style
  • The “single” in SRP isn’t very singular
  • The various messy meanings of the word “model”
  • Convention over configuration is just implicit configuration.
  • Testing the middle (not system tests, not unit tests)
  • Context-style RSpec (zverok style)
  • Example of using Enumerable (replacing chunks of code with enumerable methods)
  • Story: finding and fixing a bug in rubyzip
  • Writing in public: showing backlog and work-in-progress writing

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